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We put patients at the heart of the solution

Through OncoCoin, we are building a new paradigm to find a cure for cancer, involving and rewarding patients in an equitable system.

The Problem

Information for patients

70% of cancer patients are not getting the information they need

AI-powered research

Inefficient and missing links to drive change. Little real-world data available.

The Solution

An equitable cancer ecosystem powered with OncoCoin to disrupt cancer research

OncoCoin is a Thriving Ecosystem Which Empowers Stakeholders to:

Access critical information which can change a cancer journey

Leverage their own information equitably in the fight against cancer


Receive tokens for providing data
Can donate tokens
Can buy in-app services with tokens, e.g. second opinion, digital therapeutics


Run surveys using tokens
Pay tokens for participation
License data in & out


Receive donations
Facilitate discovery & other programs for patients

Regulators, Insurers

Run objective analysis and surveys to build the best and safest auditing and control system

Digital Therapeutics

Platform with existing reach for individual applications
Complete package for patients – no piecemeal


Can buy tokens on the secondary exchange and profit from the value increase

Drug Discovery Programs

OncoCoin has its own pancreatic cancer drug discovery program for the past 3 years  
PALAS | PAncreatic cancer Liquid biospies Analysis Study

Non-interventional Biomarker Study to Evaluate Molecular Diagnostic Methods for Improving Future Treatment Approaches in Pancreatic Cancer Patients

We will find a cure, augmenting our patented AI with patients’ support

AI-powered R&D together with Real World Data, significantly increases success, saving time and money

Principal Investigators:
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dr. med. Jürgen Scheele & Dr. med. Werner Seiz

Why? PaCa is a death warrant

deaths per year 466,000

5-year survival rate is 3%

no improvement since 1971

Our highly respected Advisory Board unites internationally well-respected pancreatic cancer experts

Prof. Dr. Volker Heinemann
  • Prof. Heinemann is one of the leading researchers for Pancreatic Cancer in Germany.
  • Medical specialist in oncology and Director of the Comprehensive Cancer Center in Munich.
  • Besides his role as principal investigator in translational cancer medicine, he is the Head of the Munich Interdisciplinary Tumor Board.
Prof. Dr. Michael Geissler
  • Medical Director and Chief Physician at the Klinikum Esslingen.
  • Medical Head of Karlsruhe Clinic, one of the largest Medical Centers in Germany.
  • Research at the University Hospital of Freiburg and Harvard Medical School have contributed to his international reputation of excellence.
Prof. Dr. Florian Otto
  • GI tumor specialist at the Tumor Center St.Gallen.
  • Previously the Head of the Interdisciplinary GI Tumor Center at the University of Freiburg Medical Center, the largest Medical Institution in Central Europe.
  • Prof. Otto obtained his medical degrees from the RWTH in Aachen and the University of Freiburg.
Prof. Dr. Uwe Wittel
  • Executive Attending Physician and Head of the Pancreas Center at the University of Freiburg.
  • His research focus in Pancreatic Cancer is demonstrated by an outstanding publication record at high impact journals.
  • Prof. Wittel studied medicine at the Universities of Ulm and Tübingen. His studies also led him to the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

How OncoCoin Tokens will be Distributed






13% .
For marketing purposes
7% .
Released to patients upon provision of data
27% .
For platform development
40% .
Tokens available for purchase on the exchange
13% .
Provided to partners for involvement in establishing the platform

Our Diverse Team will Lead the Charge for Patients

Board of Directors
Dr. Gunjan Bhardwaj

Chairman of the Board

Author & speaker, also published journals. Awarded 40 under 40 from Capital and Top 30 Thought Leader award. Ex- BCG & EY.
Dr. Matthias Voelkel

Board of Directors

Member of the Management Board (Vorstand), leading the Group’s digital & crypto business – Borse Stuttgart
Simone Giacomelli

Board of Directors

Entrepreneur and investor with a focus on decentralized systems as it applies to blockchain and the AI industries.
Dr. Thomas Ladner

Board of Directors

Counsel with Meyerlustenberger Lachenal AG since 2009 & Attorney at Law. Also board member of companies spanning biotech and blockchain.
Dr. Ole Wiesinger
Dr. Ole Wiesinger

Board of Directors

Trained surgeon, former CEO of the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group, and now serves on boards of a number of companies spanning healthcare and finance.
Dr. Shiler Khedri
Dr. Shiler Khedri

Board of Directors

Managing Director and Global Head of Data and Analytics Transformation – Standard Chartered Bank
Core team
Lakshmi Lalita Mohan
Head of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in Germany, France and Europe. Qualified lawyer.
Ashwin Rathod
IIT – Bombay (Computer Science), IIM – Bangalore (MBA), AI, Ecommerce, Drug Discovery, Serial Entrepreneur, 5 patents filed in AI, Product Design

Scientific advisors

Prof. Juergen Scheele

Chief Medical Officer, Innoplexus

Former Global Clin. Dev. Leader (Merck, Roche, AmGen). 20+ yrs experience in drug development and discovery.
Dr. Werner Seiz

SVP Translational Science, Innoplexus

Werner has 28 yrs experience in pre-clinical & clinical drug development, Sanofi. He is a board-certified physician.

Tech advisors

Abhijit Keskar

SVP Tech, Innoplexus

IIT-Bombay Grad., 20+ yrs as tech leader. Abhijit it a reputed blockchain expert with 25+ patent filings (tech, Blockchain, AI).
Vatsal Agarwal

SVP Real-World Data, Innoplexus

A Johns Hopkins graduate with over 40 patent filings (tech/AI). 12+ years experience in life science technology.

Our message of innovation is being amplified internationally

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OncoCoin facilitates a Cancer Ecosystem for patients and researchers. It provides patients with the opportunity to participate equitably in cancer research, driving forward cures for cancer.